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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Celebrate The Cherry Blossom

Due to the cooler weather this spring the 2018 Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Forecast has been pushed back just a bit. Originally it was thought that blooms would appear around March 29th. But this no longer looks like it will happen. The colder weather has not left and there is more to come. The National Park Service and the Washington Post has decided to make a second prediction. The new prediction is that Cherry Blossoms will appear around April 8th to April 12th.

The later date is one of the latest predictions. One could blame the later date on the cooler days of March. February was warm but when we reached March it was cooler than normal. The warmth of February helped the cherry blossoms to get an early start but then it was slowed in the cooler temps.
The cooler temps held the buds in the "green buds" stage longer than usual. The cooler temps allowed only a little over 1/2 of the blossoms to be ready and present in the blossom stage.

Don't worry the Cherry blossoms will be ready soon and sights like these will be able to be enjoyed:

Cherry blossoms is a symbol of spring as well as beautiful flowers. The bright, cheerful colors offer a heavenly scent and perfect to offer as a pick up.

In Japan cherry blossoms signify not only the start of spring but also a new beginning, a time of renewal and fleeting nature of life. The short lives of the beautiful blossoms last only about 2 weeks. There are many Cherry Festivals celebrations. This gathering is known as hanami in Japan and means "watching blossoms" and takes part as many have picnics and socialize with loved ones underneath the trees. At night couples gather to watch the blossoms.

Many cherry trees in the United States were gifts from Japan.

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