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Monday, January 8, 2018

Protect Your Skin

By now, your skin may be able to tell its winter. Winter has a way of changing our skin and not for the good. It can often wither under harsh elements of winter. Every year on January 8th is a time to share with others tips for winter skin relief.

With the temps of winter dropping and the heat of the home rising the amount of moisture in our skin can be zapped away. It is important to keep our skin hydrated through the winter. With the chill of winter the temptation to take long hot showers should be avoided. The heat will strip skin of natural oils and may cause inflammation as well. Skin cells can swell when dry and begin to crack.

Taking shorter lukewarm showers and using gentle cleansers are a few of the best ways to take care of winter skin. Harsh soaps can be bad on skin and when washing do not scrub. Allowing the soap and water to do the work of cleaning through lather will be much better for your skin. Remember to dry hands by patting skin with soft towel. Drying through rubbing will cause more irritation and inflammation. Using a cool mist humidifier will not only hydrates your skin at night.

Winter has harsher temps so be sure to dress in layers. The layer closest to your sin should be made of natural fiber such as flannel or cotton. Natural soft fabrics cause little to no irritation and also protect skin against cold weather. Top layers can be whatever you prefer.

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