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Friday, July 7, 2017

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Have we really become so pre-obsessed with our phones that we must be reminded there are places they should not be used?? Places such as church, court room, school, and the list goes on. If you controll a cell phone then you should know the etiquette rules of doing so. When using the cell phone in a pulic place keep the conversation low and if possible take to another area. It is also polite that when in certain places or at the dinner table to shut off the cell phone. If the cell phone must stay on politely explain to those that you are with why you will be needing to use your phone

At one time cellphones used to be so expensive for anyone to have or so big that you could not bring them with you. In todays world, nearly everyone has a cell phone. From the young to the old it seems cell phones have become an accesory for many. They are used nearly anywhere and every where and perhaps that is where the problem lays.

Many times using the cell phone will bring negative attention from those around you. Often they are used in class, church and any where the user feels a bit bored. The usage of cell phones allows the user to not pay attention to what is at hand and even worst perhaps get into trouble. Cell phones have been shown to cause students to cheat, cause bullying or fired from jobs.

While the usage of cell phones has made the world easier and at times safer in many cases the truth is the user must be aware. The negative effects in using cell phones in most cases in no ways over coms the positive reasons for using them and they are here to stay. The issue at hand is to learn when, where and how to use a cell phone so the rights of others is not stepped upon.

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