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Friday, June 30, 2017

Did You Know :::: Cast Iron Cooking

Cast Iron Cooking: Difficult to Maintain or Not???? 

If cast iron is not taken care of it has a chance of rusting, chipping, or cracking easily. Right??? Cast Iron requires lots of care and a bit of pampering. Right??? Using it, cleaning it and storing it all steps that require care. 

The truth is that cast iron is tough as nails. It seems to last a long time, for instance that 50 year old piece of cast iron your family has. You can find cast iron pieces at yard sales and antique shops as well. It is difficult to mess up cast iron where it is no longer usable. 

Many new cast iron cookware pieces come pre seasoned. This makes it easier to start cooking directly after purchase. Seasoning should remain in a thin even layer. This makes storing it nested together with other pieces without fear of seasoning breaking off. 

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