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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cheerleading Week

The week of March 1st through the 6th recognizes cheerleading. Those girls and boys who have the enthusiasm to support their team and cheer them onto a win. They also are role models to all the little girls like Princess who want to grow up to be cheerleaders as well.

A cheerleader is often asked to enter new challenges and to try new things. A good cheerleader is always willing, not afraid to out of her comfort zone and try different routines. She loves to practice her cheers and does not simply think they are good enough. She realizes she is part of a squad and continues on practicing ensuring everyone meets their full potential. Practicing new stunts, cheers and such to make the routine spectacular where the crowd will react in a positive nature.

A good cheerleader realizes that practice makes perfect. Stunts often require members of the squad to be patient and not get bored after practicing the same stunt time and time again. While some members will learn the routine fast others will take longer and it is every cheerleaders goal to make sure all are the best they can be.

Good cheerleaders looks forward to the "shining" moments during performances and wants every member of the squad to have their share at the spotlight. Cheer-leading is not about one cheerleader but the entire squad of cheerleaders. By coordinating efforts of the squad the performance appeals to everyone. With such precision and synchronization the cheer-leading group does their job and the crowd will react with enthusiasm

One thing that none of us like is criticism. We practice and work toward the goal for long period of time only to hear criticism?? A cheer leader must be able to handle such criticism in order to grow and perfect the routine. A good cheer leader should keep an open mind and listen to other's point of view and be objective about it. Criticism should not be looked at as a personal attack but rather as a way to improve the routine.
.Does your child dream of being a cheerleader? Do they have the correct heart and attitude

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