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Monday, December 21, 2015

Think When You Drink

Having a good time is expected this time of year. Over indulging in alcohol is very dangerous. When that individual who has drank too much gets behind the wheel then they take their own as well as anyone on the road with them in danger. Car accidents, highway injuries, vehicular deaths are al potential risks. Every single injury and death caused by a drunk driver I totally preventable.
Think When You Drink sign
While crashes caused by alcohol related drivers have been dropping there are still far to many. The decision of a driver to get behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol is a serious national problem that effects many victims annually. Most drivers who have had something to drink may have low blood alcohol content and few have been involved n fatal crashes. Many may be more impaired than they think they are.
Intoxicated handwriting graphic
Drunk driving is a social problem that sadly some get used to or overlook. There are many actions that are being looked at by officials to see what would work best. These actions include special courts, license revocation, mandatory jail, impounding, interlock devices to start car engine, and training staff better.



  1. all of the above makes a lot of sense. But there is one problem - it's almost like that at times the media is ENCOURAGING people to drink!

  2. sad to say sometimes it seems yhat way

  3. You made some great points here hopefully it helps a lot of people and stops them from drinking and driving.

  4. Very true... Drunk driving is not safe and Every single injury caused by a drunk driver is totally preventable.

    1. yes you are so right needless deaths happen as well as those that are injured no time is a good time for something like this to h

  5. So important. Also be responsible. If you are travelling with your kids and your wife or husband and you get behind the wheel of the car to drive then you are also making a choice for them that could end in death or injury. That's not fair or smart.


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