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Monday, December 7, 2015

St. Nicholas day

December 6th is known as Saint Nicholas day. Different folk stories and customs of country helps determine the story of Saint Nicholas

Germany the children prepare and clean with shoes on eve of December 5th. They hope that in the morning that one will be filled with presents the morning of the 6th. St. Nicholas will fill the shoes of good kids but not bad ones.

In Austria folk lore tells the story of good children waiting for St. Nicholas to bring presents. Naughty children might be punished by "Krampus" the evil demon that helps Saint Nicholaus

The day of Saint Nicholas in the Netherlands is considered the most important day of Christmas. It starts at the end of November with wish list being left in their boot next to chimney. Next to the boots they place carrots. The carrots feed the horses of "Sinterklaas" who will travel from roof to roof leaving presents.

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