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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sesame Street Day --- Thank You

On November 10,  1969 a T.V. would come on the scene and would impact so many lives. From Mr. Hooper and the corner store to Big bird and Oscar the fun on Sesame Street would make learning fun. The letter of the day, counting and learning life lessons was what the show has always done. Counting with the count and learning life lessons with the Muppets seemed to start over 40 years ago and continues teaching lessons today.

Over the years Sesame Street has not only influenced my own life but so many others. Sesame Street Day was created to celebrate that simple fact that this one of a kind show when it started out and helped to teach so many of us simple life lessons. First established in 2009 when Sesame Street celebrated the 40th anniversary of original broadcast in New York.

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