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Friday, October 16, 2015

Ways to Ease Your Child's Cold

Flu season will soon be here and colds and allergies have all ready arrived. Everyone who gets sick seems to struggle maybe none more than mothers of babies. The little ones seem to be so uncomfortable when they are congested. One thing that many moms depend on is the little bulb syringe to clear the snot and allow the little one to breathe a bit better. There may be a problem with this idea though.

The problem is that giving the bulb a cleaning in hot soapy water may just lead to a case of mold as the water has no real way to escape. Exposure to mold in children under the age of 1 often leads to a hike in asthma conditions. Many mothers have no idea that this even happening.

Ideas to help your baby sleep better when congested include

allowing baby to sleep upright. I often allowed the little one to sleep in their car seat which allowed them to feel comfortable with their head up.

using a cool mist vaporizer

turn on the shower the steam will help the baby with congestion

saline will help their little nose with being so stuffy

boogie wipes works great to help get rid of dry mucus in their nose.

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