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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Born September 12th

Linda Ann Gray born in 1940 has wore many hats in Hollywood including actress, director, producer and model. She began her career in t.v. commercials during the 1960s. Her career would take off in the 1970s. On T.V. she played victim and villain as Sue Ellen Ewing married to J.R. on Dallas. Linda has also been seen in many movies and stage.

George Glenn Jones was born in 1931 and would become what many consider one of the greatest country singers. Texas born Jones would fall in love with country music when he was gifted with a guitar at the age of nine. His first marriage would be short lived for only a year. Jones would enter the military and be discharged in 1953. 1954 he would marry a second woman and be divorced in 1968. His famous marriage to Tammy Wynette would take place in 1968. It was Jones Alcohol that would be his down fall through his marriage and music. His music career would see more luck than the marriage with Jones having a total of 150 hits. In 2013 Jones would pass away leaving the music world with great memories.

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