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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back To School brings About bedtime challenges and changes

back to school often means getting back to a regular bedtime. This can be very challenging here are a few tips that may help you out

1. set a routine for bedtime. Our bedtime routine includes bath time, story time and bed time
2. Stay determined, it may not come easy but it will happen. Do not allow the child to slip backwards staying up later. May be frustrating and there may be tears but in the end it will come
3. reading a story to my child always put them in the right mind to calm down and go to sleep. I believe that a quiet time prior to bed, no playing just music or reading a book

Do you have any tips for back to school bedtimes??

When school starts you will want to ensure that there are certain jobs done before your child goes to bed

homework done and in the backpack
any papers need signed by mom
water bottle filled and in the fridge
what snack if needed will be taken
showers are taken and teeth are brushed
medicine if needed are taken
clothes laid out for tomorrow

You may also have a school before bed routine as well. Certain jobs may be included
prepare non-perishables for lunch boxes and put in lunch boxes (cookies, chips, crackers , utensils)
fruit and veggies for snack or lunch are prepared and ready to go
ensuring that the before bed jobs are done for your child as well

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