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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Graeter's Low Glycemic Ice Cream review

July is national ice cream month. Oh the goodness of ice cream the many flavors and treats that are available. I personally love all of them but they are definetly all good to me. I am a diabetic and have been one for over 10 years. I have struggled from time to time with my blood sugar. In the past the world was a challenge as there were many delicious things but most of them were high in carbohydrates that was bad for me. The world has slowly started changing and there has been more and more treats offered that contain fewer carbohydrates and are considered low glycemic.

Graeter's the makers of super premium ice cream, baked goods, and candy are now the makers of low glycemic ice cream. Many years ago in 1868 a young Louis Graeter began to sell ice cream in the street market. His wife would be the one that would stick with the old fashioned way of making their delicious ice cream when the world started to move at a faster pace and the market became harder and faster to live in. The family would start with one shop and more as time traveled on. All of the shops sold the delicious ice cream that was loved in the beginning. Through the generations the family stayed strong and the ice cream was there through sugar rationing and all the strife's of the world. In the early 80's the first franchise store would be opened in Kentucky by the Graeter's this one would be followed by more.  Now you can find the delicious Graeter's ice cream in your local Kroger store or order online.

The best ice cream in the world is now available with 1/2 the sugar. Graeter's has created delicious ( yummy as my grand-daughter said) ice cream so we can all enjoy that same sweet treat that has been around for years.

The low-glycemic ice cream comes in four delicious flavors.

chocolate chip
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean
mint chocolate chip
butter pecan

 We received the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean and Mint Chocolate Chip. I loved them both and loved the fact that I could eat ice cream with fewer carbs. I simply hate it when I want something so bad but know that if I use my carbs up to munch it then I will not have  enough for the entire day and go hungry or go over the amount of carbs. The taste of the ice cream was simply amazing it was delicious and I truly enjoyed it. The ice cream was shipped in dry ice Styrofoam box and was delivered to our front door. It was hot that day as it was in the mid to late June and the temps here are not cool. It however arrived ready to eat and in great condition.

whether you are looking for a delicious frozen treat that you can have while you diet or if you are like me and are on a life long diet because of health reasons you definitely need to check out Graeter's low glycemic ice cream


  1. This looks like a really delicious ice cream

  2. This ice cream looks good. I dont watch my carbs so I dont have a need for this.

  3. That is so interesting...I have never heard of a low glycemic ice cream before. The Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean sounds tasty.

  4. I so needed this today. It has been so hot outside! Need something yummy to cool me down.


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