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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Little Brown Church

I have forever loved this song "Little Brown Church in the Vale" My daddy could belt it out with his baritone voice and make it sound amazing. Since my mother always loved the Statler Brothers I am sharing their version of this amazing song. 

The song is believed to be about a little brown church that sits along side Highway 218 in Bradford Iowa. The church was not there when the song was written. A twenty-seven year old man named William Pitts was traveling by stage coach to see his girlfriend. The stage coach ride started in Wisconsin and he was traveling to Fredericksburg Iowa. Along the way the stagecoach made a stop to allow the horses and ride to relax a bit. Pitts decided to take a walk and started to travel along the slopping hills and valley while the river flowed peacefully by. When he returned home he thought what a beautiful place for a church and created a song about the little church in the vale. Early on the song was not impressive to anyone and it was filed away. However, few years later Pitts found his family in Iowa teaching music. How ironic it must have been to see a church building in that very spot that he thought would be perfect. The church had been built by Christians who wanted and desired a meeting place. During the years of 1850s and 1860s war was raging in this great land. Pitts sold the song and used the money to enroll in medical college and spent his life as doctor in town of fredericksburg Iowa. 
Now the little brown church still stands and is well known for tourist as well as weddings.

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