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Monday, January 12, 2015

Get Your Desk Organized

Time to organize your desk whether in the office or at home. The holidays may have thrown your whole system off or you may think that you are one of those individuals that knows where it all is and works better with a messy desk. I so agree with you in some ways but in others I think it works so much better with a bit of organization. There are a few tools that may help you get this done

An accordion folder is worth the investment and can be a big help. A good one will help you organize all your important papers (bills, important letters, copies of anything you need to keep) One great thing is that you will be able to put everything in one tidy folder.

Bookends come in handy when searching through those old cookbooks looking for ideas, or doing a bit of research.

finding items that multi task like the lamp will help you save room and come in very handy. There is a pen stand connected to the lamp and this can make it awesome to keep pens and pencils just where you need them as well as offer you a bit more light when needed

Every time I think I get it all organized I get in a hurry need something and I am unable to find it because of a messy drawer. The drawer organizer can stop this and keep it all together.

I love dry erase boards at any given time I can jot down what I need to do, shop for or even what supper is. Keeping organized to me also includes keeping an organized schedule

desktop drawers are great for keeping the clutter in one place. You can use it to store receipts, chargers or whatever is needed.

Good luck cleaning your desk

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  1. Good inspiration, Angie. I have several areas of my home that could use some desk organizers to contain the clutter and make it more appealing to look at!
    Stopping by from Renaissance Mermaid

  2. thanks for stopping by good luck in organization mission in 2015


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