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Friday, April 25, 2014

Arbor Day

Today April 25, is the day that many of us celebrated by planning a tree. My nephews each brought home a tree from school. The schools are encouraging students to plant trees and teaching students how to care for trees.

The first arbor day was hosted by a small Spanish village of Villanueva de  la Sierra in 1805. The local priest used his enthusiasm to make it an exciting event for all.

The first American Arbor day was hosted by Nebraska City Nebraska on April 10, 1872. On this date one million trees were planted in Nebraska. The coordinator of the event Birdsey Northrop was inspired by his trip to Japan in 1883. The American Forestry Association made Northrop the Chairman of the committee to campaign for Arbor Day nationwide.

In 1906 it was in Pennsylvania that conservationist Major Israel McCreight campaigned for youth education and a national policy on conservation education. On April 15, 1907 he was a major force to persuade President Roosevelt to speak to the school children about conservation and also an Arbor day proclamation to U.S. school  children.

Other places that Arbor Day is celebrated

Australia has celebrated since June 20, 1889 last Friday in July for schools and National Tree Day last Sunday in July. Victoria celebrates an entire week.

Belgium celebrates the international day of Tree planting around March 21st. It is not a public holiday but used to educate.

Brazil celebrates Arbor Day September 21st. It is celebrated in schools with environment related activities and tree planting.

British Virgin Islands celebrates on November 22. The celebration is hosted by the national parks there and activities include an annual national arbor day poetry competition and tree planting ceremonies.

Cambodia celebrates a national tree planting day on June 1st and an arbor day on July 9th

Canada celebrates Maple Leaf Day on the last Wednesday in September during national forest week. Ontario celebrates Arbor Week from the last Friday in April to the first Sunday in May. Nova Scotia celebrates Arbor Day first full week in May on the Thursday during National Forest Week

There are many other countries that celebrate in one way or another of planning the tree.

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