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Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Special Day

Today I celebrate 27 years of marriage with my wonderful hubby. We have seen many ups and downs together. Celebrated the birth of six children, mourned the death of two parents and our grandparents. We have always had a strong bond one of best friends. We have stuck by each other through everything.

Stages of Marriage
With many of my friends getting married and my daughter's wedding anniversary approaching I thought I might summary the 5 stages of marriage as described by Womans day.
  1. The first stage they state is the Honeymoon Heaven - I say that if you don't start out in heaven then the marriage is doomed from the beginning. This is the start when you first move in together. This is the bliss that is in your heart and the reason you got married. This is the time period when you should decide major decisions such as what your future will be. I have heard couples speak of the honeymoon period being short lived and yet others as it going for the entire length of their marriage. Happiness is what you make of it.
  2. The second stage is referred to by Dr. DeMaria as the realization stage - you realize you really did get married and the person your married has many aspects you may not have been aware of both good and bad. This is the stage that takes work so that both of you will find your goals together as a couple. This is where team work will set in or not. Without teamwork there is sure to be problems.
  3. Step 3 is the level of family central where the marriage encompasses the family by buying a house, building careers, and all the business that comes with family life. In this stage it is very important to have date night and couple time. marriage is a process that is in need of constant work and if you ignore it a problem may arise.
  4. The "empty nest stage The stage I am with my marriage as my kids begin to go to college and get ready to move out. It is funny that I have started to spend more time with my hubby and we are finding things out about each other again some that we had forgot about and others that had developed and we are not aware of. Sometimes problems occur here but if you celebrate being together it will be new reunion.
  5. In your golden years you can look back and over your accomplishments and say "We Did IT"

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