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Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12 - Celebrate Vinyl Record Day

When I was a kid the music we listened to were records or on cassettes. Todays digital music storage and playback int todays era were not even thought of or perhaps thought of but not realized. The day of the record took a lot of care as not to scratch the record as it was being removed from the sleeve or placed back in. Resting the needle gently on the record would allow you to listen to some awesome songs. The record itself comes in a giant sleeve, a spacious canvas fro the visual part: the album artwork. The records often create a listening experience fundamentally different than the one offered by mp3 players.
If perhaps you have a surpluss of records and no way to play them check out this craft idea
Vinyl Record Bowls
Go to the Dollar Store and buy two stainless steel mixing bowls, one larger than the other. Then go to a thrift store to buy your records. Pre-heat the oven at the lowest temperature, about 200 degrees. Place the small mixing bowl into the oven upside-down, and center the record over the bowl. Watch it carefully, and between 4-8 minutes, you’ll notice that the record starts to get floppy. Wait until it starts to fall onto the bowl, then remove the record (using oven mitts) and quickly place it into the larger bowl on the counter. You have about 10-15 seconds to mold the record into the shape that you want. Ditch the oven mitts while doing this, and just burn your fingers. You’ll live.
These bowls can be used to serve dry foods like nuts, chips, hard candy — but steer clear of any greasy foods.
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