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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flag Day Craft : Popsicle Stick Flag

Patriotic Craft Stick Puzzles for Kids
Materials needed:  Large Craft Sticks, Red/White/Blue Paint, Paintbrushes, Pencils, and Smocks (or an old T-shirt) to protect clothing.
Each flag puzzle will need 7 craft sticks.  On 3 of the craft sticks mark a line vertically to divide the craft sticks that will be painted with TWO colors (to form the blue area of the flag).  Have the children paint 2 craft sticks WHITE, 2 craft sticks RED, 2 craft sticks BLUE/RED, and one craft stick BLUE/WHITE.  Allow the craft sticks to dry thoroughly.  When dry, scramble the craft sticks and ask the children to put the “flag” puzzle together.
If desired, the children can use foil stars to decorate the blue area of the flags.
For younger children:  numbering the back of the craft sticks will help with placement
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