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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful For ....

Today I am thakful for the warmth inside. Warm socks on my feet and the peace within my house. What a great day to take a nap, relax and enjoy my day off.

I am also thankful for my niece who turned 5 today. She is a bundle of joy to be around and so pretty as well

I can remember the many times that her mommy said a little prayer, worried about her little one before she was born and simply could not wait til her little gal was here. Precious bundle of joy she was when I first met her. Her brothers could not wait to see her. You could not have asked more for a prouder daddy than the one she has.

I simply think she is beautiful in this picture. This picture was taken by her mommy at the not so distance Christmas Concert. This little gal was to be a valentine baby and decided to stay a bit longer inside the safest spot she may ever know. Not a problem though as she has always been a little sweetheart.

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  1. She sure has grown up to be a beautiful intelligent lil girl... Happy birthday baby mommy loves you :)


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