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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Its that time of year again for spring cleaning. Sometimes rewarding and at times stressful spring cleaning can make you feel overwhelmed and in the end help you feel refreshed.

Before you start spring cleaning if possible delegate. Since the entire family lives in the house the entire family should help be responsible for its cleaning. Even the little ones can help out here and there. Enlist the entire family that helped make the mess to help clean it up. Here is an age appropriate chore chart to help you decide what chores should be done by who.

Prioritize work by making a list of exactly what needs done. Some items may need tossed out others simply cleaned. up. If you make a list of what to do it will be easier by allowing you to check off that item when done. This often also allows you to feel as if the goal is being achieved.

Have supplies ready, many of us have to much in the field of supplies. The best thing to do is have some multi - cleaners ready at the whelm and several rags or paper towels. Keep in mind while cleaning that little things do happen and do not over react. Life is messy so we all should realize that our homes should show what my mother would have said "A Lived In Look"

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