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Monday, October 29, 2012

Allis Originals Review

Alli's Originals is a Mompreneur business. Alli started making jewelry as a hobby. Her first projects were beaded projects, key chains, and wire work. Her hobby led to the opportunity to teach jewelry making courses. Alli also hosted jewelry making birthday parties. Alli developed talent in silversmithing and lost wax casting and led to her collection that includes hand stamped pendants and charms, hand cut pendants and unique casted charms.

If you are looking to give a personalized gift to someone on your list you will want to check out Alli's Originals. You will find gifts for both men and women both of which will show you give your gift with

Some of my favorites include:

Puzzle Rings which are made of .925 sterling silver. The lightweight easy to wear ring is actually rings that fit together to form one band.

Every year I give my daughter a new pair of earrings for Christmas. This is a tradition that I look forward to surprising her with an awesome new pair and wait for her smile that I know will appear. Their are many great pairs of earrings like the peace please earrings at Alli's Originals is made up of .925 sterling silver.

To find that special gift for someone on your list head over to Alli's Originals

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