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Friday, September 7, 2012

What Should I Give The Prince and Princess

Well just home from seeing my adorable two little grandbabies. My prince and princess can always put a smile on my face. Since I live so far away from them I always bring special treats to them. I am all ready starting to think about what I could bring them to celebrate fall / halloween. So I am asking this easy question as my Aloha Friday question. If you are not aware Aloha Friday is hosted by An Island Life and you can join in the fun as well

my question
What treat or gift would you bring children under age of 4 to share with them fall / fall holidays


  1. When Princess Nagger was that age, she LOVED getting anything Halloween/fall those plastic pumpkins for trick-or-treating, or even just a fun/cute pumpkin decoration to have as her own. And she snagged a couple of my cute little scarecrows to play with, too. :)

    Four Years

  2. I bet you could find some really cute fall/Halloween items to use to decorate each of their bedroom doors. Bet they would love participating in hanging something special on their doorknobs to celebrate the season.

    Have a wonderful time!

  3. They'll love anything that has to do with Halloween as long as its on the cute and not scary side. ;)

  4. we just loaded up on stuff from the "teacher" section at wal-mart.. makes for fun arts and craft projects (my son is 3)


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