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Friday, September 14, 2012

Cut Food Cost

It seems that our grocery budget is ever growing. So if you are like me you need to simplify it just a bit. A few tips that I have used and seem to help are:

make a meal plan. That way you know what you are having and only have to shop one time a month. Those extra trips to the store often catch up with us and helps to make our budget grow

While my mother is not an advocate to buy store brands I often find that they are very similiar to the brand products that we choose to buy. Try them out for yourself if you like them as well or better then your grocery budget may be able to shrink up to 25%

Check out warehouse stores for staples like milk , eggs, butter, cheese and sugar. While not everything is not cheaper when you buy in bulk you may be able to find some awesome savings. Likewise keep your eye out for deals at places you would not regularly think of shopping for groceries. Our local gas station has cheaper milk than our grocery stores in this area.

Check out the farmers market and local farms that sell produce. They often have a better taste and savings

Pick up some rotisserie chicken. Look for bargains at your local deli counter, krogers and walmart all often have deals that you cant resist. You can stock up, chop up, and freeze for a later time.

Check local flyers, , and for great deals at restaurants. Gift cards from also make great deals when it comes to eating out.

Discover all the Kids Eat Free offers and don't forget about all the Report Card Freebies?

Brown bag your lunch instead of eating out this will help you cut your grocery budget quickly and help save money as well.

I hope you will find these tips useful and save some money as well

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