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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Golden Corral review

Recently both my son and my husband celebrated birthdays and to celebrate we headed over to Golden Corral for a delicious meal. Yummy!!! With the amount of food there no one should ever go home hungry. Not only the food was great but so was the atmosphere, the workers, and the place was nice and clean as well. We were greated by the lady at the door, the managers as they seemed to make sure all were treated as if they were at home and also the servers at the food stations and those that were ready to get our drink refills and quickly take away any plates that we were done with.

If you have never been to Golden Corral then let me tell you that you should try to find one near you. At the golden corral website there is a locater button that should help you find a restraunt near you. They have several food stations sectioned off so that you will be able to find your favorites among those that they serve. Food stations include a hot buffet where you can find delicious items like meatloaf, sausage, ribs, and oh so much more wonderments. While I love the meatloaf and potatoes the teens enjoyed items such as taco salad and chicken. Salad Buffet where you will find a large variety of items to make your perfects salad. Veggies to fruit and salad toppings galore was oh so delicious. I always fix my self a small salad to start off with because I try to imagine being invited to a 8 course meal which normally always starts with soup and salad. Another one of our favorite food spots is the bakery and dessert. So many delicious items are located there from their delicious rolls and honey butter to the wonderfull chocolate wonderfall and cotten candy. The one and only problem that I noticed was that the cotton candy machine set empty alot that night with many wanting some but getting little.

As delicious as their food was I must also say that their hearts and patriotic spirits are as well. Supporting our military is something that Golden Corral takes to heart. One great thing that they do is to support a camp for the children of military parents. Known as the Camp Corral it is a way that the folks at Golden Corral can give back to the families that serve and protect us. If you have  a chance to stop and enjoy the good food at Golden Corral then I most heartly say you should.

I wrote this post not because I received any form of financial or other means but because I enjoyed my night out with my family and wanted to share it here with you my readers and friends

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  1. Golden Corral is one of my favorites and we don't have one anywhere near us. I always love visiting them on vacations!


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