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Monday, April 9, 2012

Guardsman Review

My family has always cherished belongings and I have been blessed to have a collection of wonderful family pieces of wooden furniture. From tables to glass cabinets my house has been filled with wonderful pieces that carry with them many memories and stories to share. The one thing that I must in my opinion do is to share those stories and take care of the wonderful pieces of wooden furniture so that the next generation can cherish them as much as I do.

One piece that I simply love that has seen many years of use and one that holds stories from my childhood is my grandmothers game table. The game table is where you would find my grandparents and other adults playing an old card game called rook. Yes this was the card game of choice for our family and we all learned to play but to see the adults play was a feat all in itself. Some times they would not even allow us to watch as the chance of breaking their concentration may occur. But this table I graciously received and take care of it trying to keep it in nice condition so the next generations may one day have the chance of displaying it in their homes as well.

One way that I care for our treasures is by using Guardsman Trusted for over 100 years Guardsman is leading the way with expertise products and solutions to help revitalize, protect and restore furniture. This product is one that is needed to take care of my precious treasures and as I pass them down through the generations I will pass with them the promise of Guardsman.

The secret of Guardsman is rather new to me only finding out about it after taking part in a blog tour featuring Guardsman. I was sent an aerosol can of Revitalizing Wood Polish as part of the blog tour. The can defines the contents as being recommended by furniture makers and States that it enhances and preserves woods natural beauty. The spray had a pleasant lemon scent and was easy to use simply spraying onto a dusting rag and then wiping the table or other piece of wood furniture. The results I found were rather happy making their was no residue left behind and the table looked nice and I was proud to share with others. Currently there is a campaign titled Stop Cleaning and Start Caring that I would like to share with you as well.

Stop Cleaning. Start Caring Campaign

I shared my story of a favorite piece of furniture with you. In my case it was the family game table. Guardsman and Extreme Makeover: home edition star Tracy Hutson wants to know your story behind a favorite piece of furniture. Simply check out the Stop Cleaning, Start Caring campaign where Guardsman has teamed up with Tracy Hutson to help educate furniture owners on techniques that will bring out their furniture's inner beauty. The campaign will share with a new generation of furniture lovers and those who love to make their homes look great how to love and protect their furniture by demonstrating a beauty routine that furniture has

-You nurture, protect and care for the things you love. And your furniture should be no exception. New or old, we all have furniture we love.
-Furniture should be cared for in the same way we take care of ourselves. It’s more than dusting and polishing, it’s about nourishing, revitalizing and bringing out furniture’s inner beauty.
-Guardsman wants to unlock the secret experts and homeowners have shared for more than a century. The simple furniture beauty routine includes: cleansing, polishing and, of course, covering those tiny imperfections.
-The secret to beautiful furniture is simple… “Stop Cleaning. Start Caring”
Be sure to visit by April 30, 2012 to share a story about your favorite piece of furniture and Tracy Hutson will choose a winner from the stories shared. If your story is chose you’ll receive a personal in home design session that includes a $1,500 room re-accessorizing and shopping experience along with a suite of Guardsman products!
It doesn’t stop there though! Guardsman is donating $25,000 to Habitat for Humanity to help build simple and affordable homes in partnership with low-income families during the campaign.
I would love to hear about your favorite piece of furniture!!

Disclosure: “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Guardsman and received a Guardsman product and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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