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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Focus on Child Hunger and Share Our Strength

Looking for a way to give back this year? I have a wonderful idea fo you. Share our Strength fighting so that no kid goes hungry. Justin Beiber recently stated remembering going to a food bank for food with his mother and there have been a time or two when I have had to go to one to feed my family as well. There is no shame in looking for help, only shame in pride that allows you not to help your family by getting help.

Childhood is mean to be a happy time. But often childhood for some children is filled with worries and stress because they see their parents struggle and wonder where they will find their next meal. No child should grow up hungry. One out of five children in America is not getting the food they need to live healthy and active lives. For every $1 that is donated to Share Our Strength a child can be connected with up to 10 meals.

Share Our Strength's goal is to end childhood hunger in America. They want to work with others to put an end to Childhood hunger and their goal is to get it done by 2015. They want to get every child in America the nutritious food he or she needs to learn, grow and thrive. All donations are tax deductibe and go directly to help end child hunger in the U.S.  Share Our Strenght is a non-profit organization and uses donations to help provide nutritious meals to children.

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