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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. Why are computer mouses called mouses?

no idea maybe because of the tail they have

2. If a guy has no money and he goes into a bar does he get kicked out?

not if he is good looking, popular and womans man he will do just fine

3. Why does Taryn hate rat terrier puppies?

no idea who taryn is

4. Why do polar bears not moo?

because cows dont growl

5. Why do people let doves fly at their weddings?

signs of peace or they want to poo poo on all those that have pood on them before

6. Why are no two snowflakes alike?

because they were made by GOd

7. Why do people want things that don't work? (ads in newspapers - like junk batteries wanted)

one mans junk is another mans treasure

8. Why do we have to wear shoes at school?

trying to fill the shoes of those who have been there before

9. Why do people wear socks with sandals?

feet are cold but they love sandals

10. Why do we always want bear hugs?

who says we do

11. Why do dogs lick people's toes? And why do they like to lick lotion?

have no idea dont have a dog that does this

12. Why do people get this little thing pierced - as she points to the little thing on her ear.

hopefully shes pointing at the carlige of the ear and that is who knows why

13. Why do dogs like to eat out of litterboxes?

they like to eat their enemys poo that way there will be nothing left behind when the enemy is finally gone

14. Have you ever eaten a sandwhich that had really weird things in it?

nope dont think I want to either

15. Why isn't snow purple?

good question would be much prettier

16. When the earth was made why was the sky made blue?

well the same reason that God put in the sky I dont know what God was thinking that day he just did it

17. Why do cats like laser lights?

do they maybe because it is a wierd light that moves alot

18. When someone invented Santa Clause, why did they make him fat?

he couldnt be jolly with round belly that shook if he was skinny

19. What do you think Santa does when he's not making toys?

planning on what to make

20. Why is it that suddenly I don't care anymore?

me either to tell you the truth these questions have taken it out of me

21. Why are the healthiest things for you most expensive

the rich have always had the best and the poor find a better means which in later time the rich will find out that all they do is not as good for them as they think and the poor will then find what they did becomes the most expensive on the market.

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  1. Definitely some things that make you go "hmmmm..." I love the bar comment. It really is an odd bit of culture.


  3. Loved the "cows don't growl" line! Very funny...


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