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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Frustration

At this time today I am a bit frustrated with the way things are happening with my daughter. She has a husband that does not treat her well, but yet she returns over and over. I am scared for her and frustrated that I do not know what to do. I worry what will happen to her. Please pray.


  1. I have never understood women that just don't get it. Why stay around. The answer is usually the kids. Well take it from someone that didn't have both parents I rather be with a happy parent than miserable parents and I turned out fine. My thoughts are with you. I hope up she wakes up and smells the coffee brewing. Life is WAY WAY WAY to short!!!

  2. I'll say a prayer, for her and for you. I have two daughters...this must be heartbreaking for you.

  3. Saying a prayer for her, too. What a difficult situation. I have similar frustrations at times with my own daughter's situation. Makes it hard on us moms to watch...


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