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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday: Life During the Olympics


Listening to the news this morning I found out quite a few different things. We are currently leading the medal count in the olympics. The Chinese came out strong on figure skating win both the silver and the gold. It was like a dream come true for the gold medal winners as they have been around for 18+ years but had never won the gold medal. Upon the husband (yes ladies I said the husband) deciding he was not ready to give up on the gold they came out of retirement to get ready and compete for the olympics where at the 2010 Olympics they reached their dreams. Yeah for them. I am proud of them not because of their nationality but because of their determination.

I also love the fact that Apollo Ohno is doing so well. I think this feisty young man is doing well. I can not believe that i like him and that my daughter like him for two different reasons. I like the fact that he has done so much and he has such a great relationship with his father while my daughter sees him through a different set of eyes and that he is great looking (hot as she says it).Oh my the differences we share.
The olympics is not the only competition going on this week. It seems the dogs are having a competition of their own. I have a son who loves to watch the Westminster dog show.

well those are my random thoughts what are yours? Share yours on the Un Mom blog


  1. I love the Dog shows!

    Have a great RT.

  2. I love the dog show as well. It's always so fun to watch. I love it. They Olympics are the bomb!!! I was disappointed in our pairs figure skaters but only being with each other for 18 months they did okay. Makes me so proud of the USA!!!!

  3. I love the dog show!!! Such beautiful dogs on display. I also love brushing up on my dog breeds and learning new bits of trivia. Sorry, I would vote for the Dog show... but, the Olympics (especially Ohno's races) have been exciting!


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