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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stress Free Kids review and contest

We all know what stress is and how it can affect our lives. There is a population in this world that stress does affect but many are not aware of. Kids often feel the same stress that we do but are often overlooked because those in care of them are under stress their selves. Those in the proffesional ream are often the first to notice that kids are under stress. Now to help these teachers, doctors, therapist and other proffesionals is a new line of products. Lori Lite has created a line directed at kids under stress that she calls Stress Free kids.

Stress Free Kids is a line of children's books, CDs and curriculums designed to help children manage anxiety, stress and anger while promoting self esteem and peaceful sleep. The first line of products that are research based, offers stress management techniques in a storytelling format. With America facing a mental health crisis this line of products is greatly needed. Stress Free Kids introduces manners to help your child to learn to relax, improve their self esteem, manage anger and fall asleep easier. Stress free kids even offers products for adults and teens since the goal is for the whole family to be stress free.

Books subjects in the line of Stress Free Kids include anger management, relaxation, and books to help your child believe in their self. The book we recieved was Affirmation Weaver.

Affirmation Weaver is a story which helps your child turn to believe in yourself. Many children love dolphins and the book helps your child use this love of dolphin to help to learn to love himself. Your child's self esteem will grow as positive statements are used to build self image, manage stress and anxiety and accomplish goals. Your child will feel better about their self and the world around them after reading this book.

Lori Lite also offers CDs as part of her Stress Free Kid product line. There are cds for children, teens and adults. We were able to review the wonderful cd Indigo Teen Dreams.

Indigo Teen Dreams helps teens to manage stress, anger and anxiety while it helps them to increase self esteem and self awareness. Being a teen is hard and a tool that can help them to manage the stress, anger and anxiety and helps them to feel better about theirselves and find out who they are is wonderful in my opinion. The cd helps teens new relaxation and stress management techniques, guides them through instructions on techniques of breathing, visualizations, muscular relaxation, and affirmations. Teens learn how to deal easier with the problems that they face while providing a safe place for them to turn to where no worries or peer pressure is found.

These and other wonderful books and cd's can be ordered off their online website

Stress Free Kids also is hosting a video contest where the winner wil receive a class room visit from Lori Lite. 2nd place winner will recieve full set of signed books and 3rd place winner will win full set of signed cd's. To find out even more information follow this link


  1. Stress is very harmful for everyone especially for the kids. We should save our children from it. I will read books and watch the CD. Thanks for sharing!
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