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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tag You Are It

Do you ever sit and think about the good old days as kids?? One game that most of us played was most likely tag. Tag is a simple game, more than likely there are no more simpler. The only directions are that one player is "it" and must chase the other players. When the "it" touches or "tags" another player they are then "it" The game continues for ever long as the players want to play. Thus the simple game of tag,  however there are variations that can be played as well.

Variations of the game tag include freeze tag, blind man's bluff, "duck, duck, goose" and the list goes on. Many games have been based on the game tag, one of the oldest games in existence. Tag has been played since ancient Rome. It is an easy game to play requiring no teams, scores or equipment. Play a game of tag and have fun

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