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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Be Aware

Who we are, where we come from, who are parents are..... All of these make up who we are. Often they outline what we will look like, what health disease we will have if any and so many other things. My personal makeup finds many family members with the inability to deal with stress well including anxiety and depression. I have also found a job (career) of working with those who suffer from severe psychological problems rewarding. So, to me talking about depression is an every day occurrence.

Depression is much more than a sadness It can be debilitating to an individual. Medications on the market that help with depression are known as antidepressants. The use of this type of drug has grown in popularity. Antidepressants do not work well for everyone but others find that they are life saving. Perhaps, if more aware of how antidepressants work the effect and outcome will be much better

October is the month set aside to help draw awareness to antidepressants. Depression should always be taken seriously no matter if severe or not It is not funny when you feel down and out and everyone should realize this. Perhaps you are someone who can show care and concern to someone suffering

How to Help Prevent Antidepressant Overdose:

  • Restrict a depressed person's Access to large quantities of Medicine
  • Know the signs of suicidal warning signs
  • Report any behavioral concerns to medical providers and family members

Suicide Warning Signs include:

  • Talking about suicide is a warning sign. Statements such as "I'm going to kill myself" should be a red flag
  • Obtaining a way to take your own life. Buying a gun or gathering pills are signs that something is not right
  • Suddenly wanting to be alone and not wanting social contact are both signs that should be shared
  • Mood swings from good to bad if not common are signs that something is wrong
  • IF they feel there is not a way out of whatever their current position in life is
  • Risky or self destructive behaviors 
  • Giving away of personal belongings, getting life in order sharing things they want others to know or saying goodbye to those they love when there is no reason or rhyme
Symptoms are not always clear cut. Sometimes individuals are deliberate in actions and in others they are not Be aware of the dangers of these drugs whether you take them or someone you love does Knowledge is key and can save a life

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