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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Eat Better Eat Together

Summer times are so busy it seems at our house we all eat at different times. When fall finally stops by our schedules are getting more on an even keel and the family table comes back into existence. Not only is this a good time to catch up with each other but it also helps with eating skills. Our family has came together to do this for over 25 years. October is known as Eat Better, Eat Together month.

People have been eating together for centuries. In fact some food was created so that the party could go on without having to take a break to eat. During the 18th century John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich was a notorious gambler that never wanted to leave the table. He invented the sandwich so that he could play cards longer , and spend less time preparing meals.

When we eat together we focus our attention on food. Some times we simply digest the food super quickly not paying any attention to the taste of the food we are eating. Enjoying the meal should be part of why we eat and it occurs when we dine together as we often talk about the taste of the food.

Eating together brings us together to enjoy each others time and company. We are able to catch up with each other and what we have been doing as well as what is in the future. When we attend banquets, barbqs and other get togethers we not only enjoy the food but we enjoy each other's company that is why October eating together is eating better.

Have you ever noticed that when you are with someone you pay more attention to the behaviors you demonstrate. Most likely we are all more observant as well. So when we make choices we likely make better choices as we are more aware than if we were alone. Yet another reason to eat together.

Allow each family member to get in on the act. There is no reason that everyone can not help with tasks from cooking to serving. Sometimes the best conversations occur prior to the meal being ate.

Prepare and serve meals at around the same time each day to encourage a sense of routine. That way everyone knows what time the meal will be served if they want to be there to enjoy family meal time. Routine eating schedule can also help discourage snacking or in between meal eating.

Have each person share about their day. Let them know that you are truly interested in what they have to say. Each person should have a chance to talk, share their opinion and experiences.

Eating together is a great time to learn the foods your child enjoys and help them make good decisions about what they eat.

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