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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Know Your Medication, Take Your Medication

We are prescribed medication for a reason. The reason is often because we need it to treat one or more health issue(s). Take your medication on a scheduled time makes medication more effective. A regular time also helps eliminate the risk that comes with double dosing or skipped doses. After we do something for long enough we form a habit that we become accustomed to leaving forgetting our medication long forgotten.

If you have questions about taking your medication talk to your doctor. Know what you are treating for and how each medication affects your mind and body. Inquire about what the prescription does. What side effects if any are possible. Should medication be taken with food or lots of water?? How many times a day is the medication to be taken??

So now you know more about your medication what happens if you accidently miss a dose. There are many reasons that could lead to missing a dose. Different meds need different protocol some require doubling up and others just taking the medication at the next scheduled time.

How should your medication be stored?? First check the bottle for any storage directions. If you still have questions ask the pharmacist and doctor. Some meds will need to be kept at a certain temps. Using a pillbox to store medications is a great way to keep track of what medication you need and when.

Place small reminders in visible places. Leaving these reminders in places through the house where you will be will help to remind you. A large calendar can help keep notes of when to take meds. In addition, sticky notes can help you by writing down times you need to take your meds. Leave these notes in places like the bathroom mirror, on the door, on your closet door, anywhere you will be sure to see them.

Electronic reminders can be used to remind you to take your medication as well. Using a watch, clock, phone or computer set a reminder of when your meds need to be taken. There are also ways on line to help. An electronic medicine schedule that can be set up via the internet.

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