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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Celebrate Being a Girl

The United Nations has highlighted the 11th of October since 2012. The reason is that it is he International Day of the Girl child. It is the time that is set aside to look at the highlights as well as the challenges that girls face. The needs as well as how to fill those needs to promote the empowerment of girls to be able to reach their human rights is discussed.

The world faces new challenges and inside o it are girls that are preparing to enter the world of work. The work world is different for girls than it was through out history. Innovation and automation has changed that world so that girls now need to be more educated and skilled. Nearly 25% of all young people, both males and females, are being left behind and are not employed, educated or trained.

Many of those not ready for the world are women. Girls seem to be placed in low positions that offer little or no pay. These positions are often the areas that find women being abused and exploited. This is why the Day of the girl child was created to support the challenges that girls find in the world. Existing learning opportunities need to be expanded so that girls can better prepare for successful transition into the work world.

The theme of 2018 is A skilled Girl Force. This year the International Day of the Girl will strive to bring partners and stakeholders to pay attention to the needs and opportunities of girls. It is the goal that girls will be able to attain skills that will lead to employment

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