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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Black Cat Good or Bad Luck

As a child my mother had a black cat. She was named midnight but she was not solid black. Under her neckline she had a little line of white fur. For those that not aware of the little patch of white fur my mother would gladly inform. It seemed that man thought for one reason or another that midnight could cause them to have bad luck. I am not sure that I believe all that jargon even now that I am older and I can tell you that back in the day as a kid I surely did not. However, there are many that do believe and are afraid of black cats.

Is there anything to the superstition issue?? I guess it would be up to who yu ask.

The ancient Egyptians thought of all cats as representatives of the goddess. Celtic mythology tells of a fairy named Sith who takes on the form of a large black cat with a white spot on its chest.
In America as well as Europe lay many superstitious thoughts about black cats. It was during the middle ages that single women who fed stray cats were suspected of being witches. The cats were thought to be their companions in the art of black magic. The great witch round up where those thought to be witches were persecuted led to a fear of being around cats. The fear of being misunderstood as a witch led to a massive eradication of black as well as other color of cats. The result of the cats being slaughtered led to another slaughter as without cats varmints like rats will try to take over. A plague or black death came about the killed a quarter of the worlds population.

Other countries did not follow this path and instead thought of black cats as being lucky. Great Britain, Russia, and Japan thought of black cats as bringing luck with them when they crossed your path. However, let a black cat cross your path in the moonlight and a fear of dying in an epidemic will lay over your head.
Germans, pirates and those who are from the U.K.  have  the thought of a black cat crossing your path even more messed up by believing  if it goes one way it is bad luck but the other is good.

It seems that the black cat can even make those who go out in water, somewhere most cats will not travel, a bit uneasy. Those who make a living on the sea or by fishing will not pay much attention to a black cat except for when it goes on a ship and backs off the belief then is that the ship is destined to sink. Other than that the seamen believe that black cats are a bit lucky and they are not alone.

Those from Scotland believe a stray black cat will bring you prosperity and those that are from the English Midlands may receive a black cat as a wedding gift as they are often considered good luck if gifted to a bride or groom.

So where is it that all these different superstitions come from?? Could it be the way the cat moves silently and nearly undetected may put some individuals on alert?? I am sure that it had something to do with the historical legends of both religious and not that make others think about what if???

Cats lend their selves to legends and wives tales because of their ability to be sneaky, clever, independent and agile hunters. Perhaps that is the reason that cats no matter the color are not allowed in the room if a private family talk is going on in the Netherlands. The thought is that cats will spread gossip all around town, But, no matter what don't ever kill a cat in Ireland because that will gain you 17 years of bad luck.

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  1. Interesting! Cats are great to have in a rural setting. Thanks for stopping by!


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