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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Recalling the class of 1988

Graduating from school is only the beginning. That's right while it may be the end of the school grade(s) it is not the end. Every year there after starting with a 5 or 10 year reunion you will meet up with classmates if you choose. Teachers and administrators may be invited to these reunions if the class chooses. The reunion is a good time to catch up with each other and recall the "good old days"

Recently I was able to celebrate my 30 year old class reunion with old friends. Yes old, as we are all getting older, but also they have been friends for 30+ years and I count my blessings for each of them.

We are home of the Bulldogs

The gym brought lots of good memories back. Years of sports, band and choir were spent in that gym.

What's everyone looking at?? I know we all recall sitting at those desk's.

Now, here is a class that looks a lot different. Where are all the typewriters?? The world has changed and along with it the school. So glad to see our school keeping up with the times

The weekend was filled with lots of great fun Starting out with the homecoming parade.

We had a great time and ended the reunion with a bit of a party and danced the night away.

I have only one last question

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