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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Celebrating Native Americans

Indigenous people, aboriginal people or native people are groups protected in international or national legislation. Because of their linguistic, historical ties to the area, culture and differences from other populations.

My story is one that relates to the lives of many indigenous people. It all started as my grand-fathers family the Stewarts traveled from Kentucky / Tennessee area to find  better life. As part of the black Cherokee tribe my great grandmother is believed to have been captured and enslaved to work with indigo. The older members of the community where my grandfather ended up settling at remember him and his brother reaching the town and being alone. The boys went their own way, with my grandfather farming the land and his brother going to work. Our story is not the only one in America. Here are a few other individuals that you know

Waylon Jennings, singer and song writer, was born June 15, 1937 in Littlefield Texas. His family line included Irish and Black-Dutch as well as Cherokee and Comanche. Jennings father supported the family working as a laborer on the Bitner farm and was later able to establish a retail creamery.

Waylon would start a young age singing songs his mother taught him. Later in life he would share his musical style with the world. Between the years 1966 and 1995, Jennings created 54 albums. He celebrated 11 number one records and had 16 singles to go number one as well.

Ronald Delaine Baker, an American professional basketball player. Baker played college ball at Wichita State and pro basketball for New York Knicks. Ronald called Utica, Kansas a tiny farming town home. One of three siblings basketball seemed to be a popular sport with the entire family.

There have been a few NBA players who have also had Native American roots. These stars are Bison Dele from the Cherokee nation who played from 1991 t0 1999. Cherokee Parks also from the Cherokee nation who played basketball from 1995 to 2003 and Phil Jordan from the Wailaki and Nomlaki tribes played basketball from 1956 to 1963.

Earl Wesley Bascom who was born June 19, 1906 in Utah. Bascom was a painter , printmaker, rodeo performer and sculptor. He told his personal story of cowboying and rodeoing across the American and Canadian west through his art work.

The Bascom family had a 101 acre ranch as well a sod roofed log cabin. His father was the son of a rancher and lawman. One of the families stories includes the time his father was part of the buch that chased members of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch Gang and other outlaws Earl Bascom's grandfathers had been Mormon pioneers, frontier lawmen and ranchers. His grandfather Bascom had also served in the Utah militia during the Utah War of 1857 and the Utah Black Hawk War of 1865, while his grandfather Lybbert served in the Danish army.
However, that is not where the history ends as it seems Bascom had to be based towards greatness following his family guide.

Other family members included Jedediah Smith, mountain man who was also part of the U.S. army. Lt. George Bascom who started the Apache Wars in 1861 and Governor of Wyoming in 1911 Bryant Brooks. Minne-tin-ka of the Turtle Clan was the daughter of Chief Miantonomo of the Narragansett Indian tribe.

Earl Bascom and his brothers loved to ride horses as well as anything else that would "buck, jump, or crawl" The family would lose their mother from a battle of breast cancer early in life. His father cowboyed in Utah and Colorado and worked on ranches in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

What is your personal family history?? Have you thought about celebrating your culture??

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