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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Get Teens To Read

Reading has alway been something that our family has loved We start out early, reading to the baby while still in the womb. I read one time that this was a good exercise as baby loves to hear mamas voice. After the little one is born we continue to read and when they are old enough we let them hold and look at books of their own. However, as easy it is to start reading to the little one they can loose interest in reading as well.

There are ways to get our kids and teens to enjoy reading. Here are some ways to help promote reading:

  • Introduce books that capture your child's interest. Books that relate to their own life or what they would like to do in the future. Together, you and your teen can brainstorm what types of books to read as well as discuss the book as it is read
  • Hollywood has did a great job by turning books into movies. Read the book prior to watching the movie. What do the two have in common, what differences did they have. 
  • Graphic , comic book type books are now recognized as literature. Graphic books come in a great variety of genres from adventure to history. Allow teens to read what they like is a great way to get them to read
  • I have a co-worker that enjoys books on tape. She finds that she can listen to a book be read is easier for her than to read. Audio books may be the trick to sparking students interest. 
  • Make sure your teens see you reading. Modeling something you want kids to do is a great way for them to see you doing something they should do as well. Keeping reading materials around the house is also  a great way to allow kids easy access to reading

I hope these ideas work for you. Reading is an important skill that should not be lost or abandoned. 

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