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Friday, January 8, 2016

This Bug You May Want To Catch

Tis the season for cod and flus and washing our hands to keep germs away. Not wanting to catch anything from the sniffles to a virus many will become very aware of germs and not wanting to catch any of them. Armed with alcohol gel and eagerly washing hands with soap and water we strive to keep those germs at bay. What if I told you there was one germ you may want to catch and share with others as well.

There is one sort of germ that you might not be too worried about catching, however: A Joy Germ!
A Joy Germ is a little germ of joy that is spread by smiling at people, making people laugh, and generally spreading happiness everywhere you go. Imagine a day where everyone is smiling, laughing and spreading happiness – that’s Joy Germ Day!
It’s very easy to participate. The first step is to park your cynicism at home. The second step is to go out into the world. The third step is up to you – just feel the joy, and spread it around!

Here are a few ways to catch the Joy bug and spread it around:
  • smile for the entire day
  • sit and talk with family or friends
  • let someone in the checkout aisle with fewer items go first
  • get in the kitchen and cook with your kids
  • take a walk
  • make soup and share it with all you love
  • visit or call a sick friend or someone unable to get out
  • volunteer at an animal shelter
  • tell someone you believe in them

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