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Friday, November 6, 2015

Pinecone Turkey : Easy Family craft

Looking for a cute way to decorate your thanksgiving table? Well how about making the star of the dinner the decoration as well. Pinecone turkey's are easy to make and fun to make for kids. Perfect activity to do together for thanksgiving. Perhaps you will even be able to take a walk and find the pinecones yourself. If not then you should be able to find them in many craft stores. These would be cute to use as place settings even name cards,
1 red pipe cleaner
1 yellow pipe cleaner
1 orange pipe cleaner
1 brown pipe cleaner
1 small scrap brown construction paper
1 small scrap yellow construction paper
1 pair small wiggly eyes
Pinecone Turkey Pattern

 Cut each of the pipe cleaners in half, and cut a small piece off one end of one of the red pieces. (Save this small piece. It will be used for for the turkey’s face.)

cut each of the pipe cleaners in half, cut a small piece off one end of one of the red pieces. (save the small piece it will be used for turkey's face)
Bend the pipe cleaners in half, so they make a loop on one end.
Lay the pipe cleaners out so they look like a fan, with the loop at the top of each one. Rotate the colors so you have one of each color, then repeat the same order a second time.

Glue all of the pipe cleaners together where they join at the base, then glue them to the wide end of a pine cone. Set this aside to dry.

While the tail is drying, print out the Pinecone Turkey Pattern and cut it out.
Use the pattern to cut out one turkey head from brown construction paper, and one turkey beak from yellow construction paper.

Stick the wiggly eyes to the turkey’s head. Most wiggly-eyes comes with a sticky adhesive backing, but if your don't  simply add a little dot of glue to the back of each eye.
Fold the beak in half, and glue it on the fold below the eyes.
Bend the small piece of red pipe cleaner, then glue it in place above and down the side of the beak.

Glue the head to the narrower end of the pine cone.

Display your Pine Cone Turkey on your Thanksgiving table. Add a name card and use it as a place holder.

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