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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Make A Squirrel Feeder From Mason Jar

My mom is probably the person in my life that I would call a squirrel lover. It was in high school that I first noticed how much she loved her squirrels. It was if she was a squirrel keeper knowing how many there were, where the baby squirrels were located and devoting feeding her pet squirrels. Now that I have my own grand-children my mom has not changed and her devotion to squirrels has continued.

If you have a fondness to squirrels you may want to visit the squirrel lovers club

 Wide-mouth Mason jar and band
Crafting wire (or strong ribbon)
Spoon with a fairly flat handle
Secure the band on the jar
With the Mason jar upright, hold the spoon against it. The spoon’s handle should be pressed against the side, and its bowl should be up above the top of the jar. This will create a little ledge for the squirrels to stand on
Wrap wire around the jar and spoon handle to secure them together
Find a fence or tree for your feeder. Use more wire to attach it and hold it in place

Squirrel FoodSquirrels love walnuts, hickory nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and peanuts with the shells on. Make sure you only give them raw, unsalted varieties.

Tip: Make sure you place your feeder where you can see it from a window. Watching the squirrels — and other animals — stop in and feast will be so much fun for the whole family. Meanwhile, your birds will be enjoying their own yummy treats!

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