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Monday, December 22, 2014

Snowmen Cupcakes

whether you are a fan or have a fan of frozen in your house or not it seems that everyone loves snowmen. These super cute snowmen cupcakes would be a fun treat to make as part of the holiday fun or even after as I know there is still plenty of winter left here after the holidays

 Snowmen Cupcakes
Source: Cupcakes Take the Cake via Pinterest

Batch of Cupcakes (any flavor)
White Icing (any flavor)
1 cup Sparkling White Sanding Sugar
Chocolate Chips (2 per each cupcake)
Mini Chocolate Chips (5–6 per each cupcake)
Orange Sprinkles (1 per each cupcake)

Bake cupcakes and let cool. Ice the tops with white icing.
Dip the tops of the icing into the sanding sugar until covered.
Press 2 chocolate chips for eyes, 1 orange sprinkle for a nose, and 5–6 mini chocolate chips for a mouth into each cupcake.

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