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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great Gift Idea Teeny Mates Review

Football is in the air. In fact tonight is our annual school home coming. Yes there is plenty of football fever here. Do you have little ones that love football?? If you do then you may want to listen up as I know how to make the whole team happy with the little guys known as teeny mates.

Our children love to get together and play games as well as action figures. These little teeny mates are just the bunch to bring the two favorite past times together. NFL Teenymates are 1" tall and are officially licensed NFL figures that both little kids and big kids will like. They are recommended for kids 4 years of age and up. They are great to play with, fun to collect and awesome to trade with friends. Each tiny figure is amazingly in design

 Two random quarterbacks come packaged in a foil pack with 2 puzzle pieces. This helps to add mystery and excitement to every purchase. There are a total of 32 NFL quarterbacks and all 35 double sided puzzle pieces. In addition there are 3 hard to find rare figures that include a throwback QB, a metallic gold QB, and a glow in the dark QB. Puzzle pieces are double sided which allows you to build either a collector mini poster featuring all 32 qbs or a football field. Each package is $3.99 and are available at Target, team shops, and sporting goods, gift and toy stores.

Teeny Mates in my opinion would make great birthday party favors, class party favors and stocking stuffers. When I was growing up teeny mates would have been awesome with all the baseball cards that we traded teeny mate in today's world would be awesome to get a group of friends started on.

Looking for a great gift for someone on your list? It may be for a birthday, holiday or even simply to celebrate the sport of football. Every football fan big or small should love this gift. NEW TeenyMates Series 3 NFL Collector TinSets are awesome and affordable and well made. One of the best things is that they don't take up a lot of space. The teeny mate sets are available at Target and available online at Amazon.
The Collector Tin runs for $19.99 and includes:
    • 4 packs of the new Series 3 NFL TeenyMates (each pack including 2 TeenyMates and 2 puzzle pieces)
    • NFL standings stadium display for collectors to display their TeenyMates and rank them according to their real weekly NFL standings
    • A rare collectable glow-in-the-dark TeenyMate!
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  1. Oh my goodness, thoseTeeny Mates are too cute and I know just the little guy I want to give them to. Thanks so much for sharing this product and have a great weekend... :)


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