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Monday, November 19, 2012

Smith Farms Beauty Products : Beer Soap

Are you looking for a gift for someone that you have no idea what to get them? Well I am often faced with circumstances like this and normally try to find something that I think they will like that maybe they have never seen before. While beauty products have been around for quite a while you will want to check out the all natural skincare products from Smith Farms. You may be surprised by what you find out there. Like the beer soap that we recently were sent.

I must say that I have plenty of male friends that would really like to get something to cover their thirst. So when I heard about the beer soap I thought nothing better. After all I would never give the real stuff for a gift but a skin product with beer in it. Yes, I believe this makes the perfect gift.

You may be surprised though to find that beer does play an important roll in the skin product line. Beer Soap is an all natural, pure, gentle, soap that is ideal for sensitive skin. Beer Soap is created by mixing a naturally rich shea and cocoa butter with olive and castor oil. The mixture creates a bar that both moisturizes and cleans. I suffer from dry skin with eczema and I am always on the look out for a product that helps provide moisture that my skin desires. The title of the soap carries true in the ingredients as well as a real, locally brewed Bierbrier Ale is added into the bar. The ale helps to boost, nutrients, and gives a signature scent.

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