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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To Do Tuesday

This week will be a busy one as on Sunday we will be leaving for week long church camp:


I need to pack at least one of the boys clothes

finish laundry (3 loads left)

clean bathroom and kitchen (deep clean)

straighten house


pack #2 boy clothes

deep clean living room

straighten house

bible study


Pack daughters clothes

pack my clothes

straighten house


all ready

shop for Saturdays party stuff (June's birthdays)

to list what you have to do or read others visit the blog Crazy adventures In Parenting


  1. another sister who loves lists...I LOVE going through my chores and being able to check off my daily chore journal...Have a wonderful time with your family.

  2. If I have a list I never do what's on it...never have never will...I have to fly by the seat of my wonder nothing ever gets done LOL

  3. Good luck! I'm not a big fan of packing. It was so much easier before the kids came. Have a great week!

  4. Yay, great list (and a busy one!) You broke it up quite well! :)

  5. Hey, how was church camp?? :) Ready to kick off a new week of To Dos?? :)


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