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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

As The Garden Area Sleeps

While many of us live in areas where the ground still looks a bit like this.
The thought of gardening is still in our minds and we begin to plan. Something that I recall as I grew up was watching my grand parents and parents begin to plan the summer garden while snow was still on the ground. They would flip through the many books with the theme of gardening and soon the seed catalogs would begin to arrive The garden area stay resting beneath the slumber of snow and waiting a warmer day.

Whether it be peppers, tomatoes, melons, or even flowers if you are a gardener then you know how the process of planning the perfect garden goes. Catalogs that share pictures of plants, glorious definitions, and even recipes. As if the newest toy and gift catalog to children waiting Christmas morning is how I often feel as I glimmer through the pages. As excited as I was when I planted my first garden.

While we wait we enjoy the bounty of last year. With jars of goodies sitting on the shelf of what was last years garden and is the winter bounty. We savor the taste and rethink the toils that we go through and wait til the coming summer when we again can get our hands in that glorious black or red soil and plant our goodies to be put on the table at harvest time.

While the temperature of this week excite me as they warm up a bit more I know old man winter is not done and cold days will still be here. I believe I am not alone in the dreams that fill my days til the gardening season is here. I want to do it all have a bountiful garden like the generations before me.

Do you enjoy gardening? Are you ready for the season to arrive? What will you be planting/

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