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Thursday, May 17, 2018

NO Dirty Dishes Day

My first thought of this holiday is that it may have been invented by a dish-washer or a homemaker tired of seeing dirty dishes. Dirty dishes are simply part of life. If we eat there more than likely is going to be a dirty dish or two. The only exception to the rule may be a sandwich. It seems that a lot of time is spent every day on washing and drying dishes and putting them away. Today, take a break from washing dishes and take the time you normally would be doing dishes having a bit of fun.

You may have a late start to this day if you were not aware of this special day yesterday. So hurry up and catch up, do all the dishes so that your sink and kitchen are all clean and sparkly. If you choose to not do the dishes today, remember they will be waiting on you til tomorrow.

Use disposable dinnerware for today There are several nice types of plastic and paper plates and etc.. on the market. The best ones, my opinion, are the environmental friendly type. If you choose, and I do not , you can eat all your meals out today. Around our house it is my husbands chore to wash the dishes. He has his own plan , routine, and etc.. and if you are the dishwasher at your home this would be a great ideal example for you to do as well. We have never been blessed to have a dishwasher in our home and still wash the dishes by hand.

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