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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Fruit Cocktail

The heat of summer has arrived. Along with the heat comes lots of summer time fun. Some of the fun things include barbecues and pool parties. Food is always something that goes with lots of summer fun activities. One great choice is fruit salad, its easy to make, taste great and is refreshing. Many fruits are in season and local as well. Not all fruits were created equal but a fruit salad can contain whatever the maker chooses.

Blueberries can be found in fruit salad. Many times they are over looked as an ingredient to be added to fruit salad. Blueberries may not be a good choice for fruit salad unless you are adding a significant amount. Blueberries are so small that they can get lost in among the other ingredients. On the other hand blueberries pack a powerful punch and are worthy to be put in any fruit salad.

Cantaloupe is one ingredient that is often added to fruit salad. It is not one of my favorite ingredients as I enjoy it alone but not normally in a fruit salad.

Honeydew melon is sweeter than cantaloupe and goes well in fruit salad. Honeydew melon looks great in fruit salad and can make the salad look as if it has more quantity.

One of my favorite ingredients in a fruit salad are bananas. Melon, berries and bananas now that is a grand combo to me. The only issue is that bananas sometimes get soggy in the fruit salad.

Strawberries sound like a grand choice of fruit salad ingredients to me. Strawberries are one of those fruits that can often be found locally as well.

Pineapple whether fresh or canned go great in a fruit salad. Some will disagree with the use of canned fruit but I believe it fits in nicely

Kiwi were not popular until about 30 years ago when they hit the scene. These fruit are a bit strange, amazing, perplexing and unique. Kiwi is often a bit expensive so while it is great in fruit salads the problem is there is often not enough of it added to the fruit salad.

Grapes are one of my top favorite ingredients for a fruit salad. The colors of red, green and purple all make a great taste. They are often plentiful in salad and taste that simply burst in your mouth.

All of these fruits and many more go well in fruit salads. Click on the links and they will take you to many fruit salad recipes. 

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