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Friday, May 18, 2018

Enjoy a Piece of Pizza History

If you love pizza then you are in luck as today, May 18th, is National Pizza Party Day. This special day occurs each and every year on the third Friday in May. Today, is the day that pizza lovers every where will celebrate pizza with family and friends. If you choose not to go out to a pizzeria then by all means stay in and celebrate homemade pizza that you make with fresh toppings. If you choose not to go out or to make your own then call one in for delivery. Delivery is one luxury that pizza lovers have not always had. Back in the day.....

Ancient Greeks enjoyed a dish of bread covered with oils, herbs and cheese (sounds like a great dish that would go along with our version of pizza now) Greece was also the location that the name "pie" was used to define the fine dish of pizza. Greek pizza pie still is different than other style of pizzas. Greek Pizza Pies are baked in pans and not on bricks of a pizza oven. The pan is shallow and heavily oiled with olive oil. The crust of a Greek Pizza Pie is chewy, puffy and oily. Tomato paste is primarily used in the sauce which helps make a tangy and thick sauce that is spiced with oregano. Greek Pizza Pies have more sauce than cheese which is normally a blend of mozzarella and cheddar.

You will often find Greek Pizzas in pizzerias owned traditionally by Greek immigrants. Other specialties that may be sold are  Greek salads and gyros. Many will go by slogans of "Pizza and Pasta" or as "House of Pizza" thus allowing customers to know this is a Greek establishment that serves Italian style food.

The Romans not to be out done by the Greeks had their own version of pizza. The Romans would take a sheet of dough top it with cheese and honey then flavor the dish with bay leaves. Pizza found in Rome was known as "cut pizza". The pizza was a thick and rectangular in shape. The pizza is served by slices after being baked in electric ovens. The oven helps produce a crust that is light and airy on top while crunchy on the bottom.

It would take the Italians to make what is thought of the modern pizza. Their pizza used only mozzarella cheese that was produced in Naples. Italian style pizzas are commonly known as Neapolitan pizza. The pizza originated in Naples Italy. The pizza is made with simple fresh ingredients. Starting with a basic dough, raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and olive oil. There are no fancy toppings in the original pizza from Naples. The pizza sauce outweighs the cheese on this pizza and often leaves the middle of the pizza pie wet or soggy. It is not a pizza that serves well by the slice. The average Neapolitan pizza is around 10 to 12 inches in size. The small size is perfect for a personal pizza. The pizzas are cooked at super high heat for a very short time normally around 90 seconds.

Pizza would reach the United States around the early 1900s. The first pizzeria was opened in Little Italy in New York. Today the pizza business has grown so that around 2 billion pounds of pizza cheese is used each year. Soldiers returning back to America after being stationed in Italy during World War II would bring along their taste for the Italian favorite, pizza. Pizza has changed since the early days and is often looked upon as fast food now. Pizza in the United States takes on many variations. At times only a casual resemblance of an Italian original is present. In the United States you can find both a thick crust and a thin crust pizza. Foods such as barbecue, chicken, and bacon cheeseburger are now used to create new types of pizza. While pizza is normally eaten hot, it is also popular to enjoy pizza as cold leftovers.

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  1. That was a very interesting read. My cousins owned a pizza shop for a decade or so and he used to say all the time cheese is the gold in a pizzeria. Think about what would have happened if the Greeks never started the pizza pie?? We'd all be missing out. :(

    1. you are so very right, I love food history and recently wrote about the hamburger as well. You may find it interesting Our bunch loves pizza and hamburgers

  2. The Greek-style pizza sounds right up my alley! YUM! It is interesting how so many dishes have evolved over time (like sushi). I was unfamiliar with the history of pizza, however, so this was a very interesting read! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pizza is one of my kids favorite meals when we have it. This one looks like it would be amazing!

  4. I will forever be grateful to everyone who had a part in making pizza what it is. I love it...

  5. I am a big pizza lover and lived in italy but did not all the history! thanks for sharing it was very informative!

  6. I never tried pizza with honey and I am not sure if there are any pizza parlors offering that kind. If ever there is I would love to try. Majoy


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